Friday, September 7, 2012

52 on Friday: Week 36

Week 36: Relax
Relax... that's something that doesn't happen all that often for me- and I'm sure for most of us.   And while I've got my friend's little one year old here, you sure wouldn't think that there would be much relaxing going on.  But, the truth is, I can't work at the computer while she is here, so... what could be more relaxing than playing on the floor with this beautiful little girl?  I enjoy the days that Hadley spends with me, we play and read stories, we dance to songs like "Jesus is My Superhero"- which seems to be her favorite, and we make a huge mess of the table (and Hadley) while eating lunch :)  She is so sweet! 

 So, here's what my relaxation looked like. 

Please take a minute to stop by Laura's blog to see how she was maxin' and relaxin' this week.  Have a great weekend everyone :)


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