What To Wear

I frequently get asked, "What should we wear?!?!?".  While clothing and style are a personal matter of preference, there are a few key principles that will help your family's photos to look their best. 

  • Don't "Match"- Do "Coordinate"
    • choose 2-3 similar colors that are near each other on a color wheel and have everyone wear a variation of them.  Then choose a contrasting color to 'pop' from the opposite side of the wheel.  

  • Don't all wear the same color
    • All white, all black, or all any one shade for that matter will give you a very dated look.  Your images will lack interest and contrast. 
  • Do wear patterns and bold colors!
    • Don't be afraid to mix and match.  As long as everyone is wearing colors that coordinate, Dad could wear a plaid shirt, and son stripes, daughter some bold dots, and mom could wear a solid with a patterned scarf.  
  • Do wear layers
    • Layers are great for quick change ups.  If you are wearing a jacket for one photo, we could take it off and have a different look for the next. 
  • Be Comfortable!
    • Our session will very likely be outside, so be sure to dress for the appropriate weather.  
    • But, also be comfortable in the clothes you choose- select an outfit that you feel confident in.  If you are uncomfortable with the way you look in your clothing choice, you will likely be unhappy with your photos.